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Dr. Edgart Flores

Edgart Flores, holding a PhD in Oceanography from the University of Concepci√≥n, Chile, specialized in studying microbial communities and organic matter origins in the deep Southeastern Pacific Ocean, employing lipid…

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Arianna Krinos

Arianna Krinos is a final-year PhD candidate in Biological Oceanography in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program. Her primary area of research emphasis is protistan physiology and ecology. To understand protists, she…

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Dr. Daniel Muratore

Daniel Muratore is a Complexity Postdoctoral Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute. Muratore leverages field observational, statistical, and theoretical modeling to understand spatiotemporal patterns in ocean biogeochemistry and the eco-evolutionary…

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Dr. Scott McCain

I am a postdoctoral fellow with Gene-Wei Li and Mick Follows at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I am currently working on estimating rates using gene expression data in microbes.…

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