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NSF Accelnet launches a new BioGeoSCAPES Fellows Program

We are excited to launch a BioGeoSCAPES Fellows program funded by the NSF AccelNet award Development of an International Network for the Study of Ocean Metabolism and Nutrient Cycles on a Changing Planet (BioGeoSCAPES). This new program will bring together an international, interdisciplinary cohort of early career (postdocs and senior graduate students) researchers working in the areas of ocean metabolism, biogeochemical cycling, biological oceanography, chemical oceanography, and marine microbiology. We encourage applicants from both experimental and modeling backgrounds.

Program goals

  1. Develop an international community of early career BioGeoSCAPES scientists
  2. Catalyze research collaborations among BioGeoSCAPES science disciplines
  3. Support international collaborations and development of global BioGeoSCAPES scientist communities
  4. Develop the next generation of leaders in ocean biogeochemistry

Each Fellow will each receive up to 5,000 USD professional development award that can be used for travel related to laboratory exchanges, courses, workshops or conferences (this award can be spent over a ~2 year period). A cohort of up to 8 Fellows will participate in monthly networking events for at least one year, as well as an in-person workshop in summer 2024.


Eligibility and Application Instructions

Postdoctoral researchers and senior graduate students from any nation who are working on BioGeoSCAPES-relevant research are eligible to apply.

Applications closed June 15, 2023.

Applicants were informed in August, and cohort activities will begin September, 2023.

Fellow applications were be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Applicant’s readiness level to benefit from professional development activities of the Fellows Program
  2. Quality, novelty, and relevance (to BioGeoSCAPES mission) of applicant’s research activities to date
  3. Applicant’s authentic experience and/or interest in interdisciplinary research endeavors
  4. Applicant’s leadership experience and/or potential to help advance the BioGeoSCAPES mission


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