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BioGeoSCAPES Community

Many scientists have volunteered their time over the years to develop the BioGeoSCAPES program concept, and the current effort builds on their substantial efforts. The current BioGeoSCAPES AccelNet team consists of six US PI’s that are responsible for grant execution as required by the NSF. In addition, the organizing committee contains international members who represent the international community. There will be many opportunities for participating, organizing, and contributing to BioGeoSCAPES in the future. Please sign up to the mailing list for updates and ways to get involved.

Want to be a champion of BioGeoSCAPES?

Over the next four years, the BioGeoSCAPES Accelnet will host virtual and in-person activities to prioritize and plan foundational components of a collaborative international BioGeoSCAPES initiative, including Modeling & Data Integration, Standardization & Intercalibration, and Informatics & Data Management. These activities may include webinar series, topical workshops, and smaller group planning meetings. We are seeking YOUR collaboration and leadership to help plan these activities. The Accelnet will also include numerous education/capacity building & professional development activities. Please click here if you wish to be involved in a particular aspect of the Accelnet.

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