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National Workshop Reports

BioGeoSCAPES is supported by Ambassadors representing 27 nations. In preparation for the first BioGeoSCAPES international meeting in the Fall of 2023, we asked nations to organize BioGeoSCAPES national planning workshops to answer the following questions:

  1. Thoughts on preliminary BioGeoSCAPES Mission statement? How could this be improved? “To improve our understanding of the functioning and regulation of ocean metabolism and its interaction with nutrient cycling within the context of a hierarchical seascape perspective”.
  2. How would your nation best contribute to BioGeoSCAPES efforts? – e.g. fieldwork, laboratory work, modelling, intercalibration efforts, project coordination, data management, bioinformatics
  3. What science questions are most important to your nation within the broad scope of BioGeoSCAPES on a 10-year timeframe? Are there any impediments that the international community could seek to mitigate via training or collaboration?


National Workshop Playlists

US National Meeting:

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